BioMax Films is dedicated to the creative presentation of archive film for audiences today. Established in the United Kingdom in 2009, BioMax Films’ first production is The Biograph Project (working title), which takes 68mm films made over a century ago and innovatively exhibits them in a 15P/70mm format.

BioMax Films is led by a team with many years’ experience in film archives, broadcasting and archive film exhibition.

Adrian Wood

Adrian Wood © R. Wober, 2009Peabody, Grierson and BAFTA award winning archive documentary producer, film researcher and author Adrian Wood is known internationally for the idea, knowledge and research which gave birth to the series of “in Colour” archival film-based television programmes.

He has co-authored three books on World War II as well as writing articles on film history and his work in this field. Adrian now acts as an independent media consultant, developing archive-based documentary ideas and oversees film restoration projects.

Chris Rodmell

Chris RodmellChris is one of the UK’s most distinguished documentary editors. His extensive credits include the television productions Timewatch, Reputations, China from the Inside, Hell in the Pacific, The First World War, The Treaty and Unfortunate Incidents.

In 1992 he co-founded the Edit Store – now the Edit & Sound Store – which runs offline, online, grade and audio dubbing facilities in central London. Chris remains active in the industry, editing, directing and producing for broadcast television.

Luke McKernan

Luke McKernanLuke is a moving image curator and an historian of early and silent cinema. He has made a special study of Biograph films and helped identify many Biograph films when they came to light in the 1990s. With Mark van den Tempel he co-edited The Wonders of the Biograph (1999/2000), a special edition of the journal Griffithiana on the European Biograph companies.

His publications include Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema (1996, co-edited with Stephen Herbert), Yesterday’s News: The British Cinema Newsreel Reader (2002) and Charles Urban (2013).